Welcome to the Hamiltonian Of Design.

Anna Stoyanova

My wish is more scientists understand the real power of good images and use it to the fullest so valuable ideas can be shared in a better way. Our team has an artistic and scientific side what makes it all possible!

Curious to find out more about the name Hamiltonian Of Design?

See my design portfolio and professional CV here.

How do scientists master graphic design?

Artur Nenov

 We created these graphic design resources ( IN THEORY and IN PRACTICE) for scientists who are already creating visualizations but still feels something is missing. You deserve to gain more control over your research today! So, don’t miss out on learning how to:

  • create better visuals with less effort

  • increase the interest in your research

  • get more citations

What to do next?

You have the chance to work with our team and:

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